Welcome to Synth-Werk

SYNTH-WERK is the result of a passion for synthesizer, electronic music, and the fascination for Dr. Bob Moog who laid the foundation for music synthesizer technology along with others about fifty years ago. That fascination that a Moog modular system exerted likewise on musicians and audience is still alive today almost 50 years later. For those who search for the new sound, from back then to today, a modular system is the gateway to complex and unique sounds.

SYNTH-WERK modules are based on original and unchanged designs out of the 60s, utilizing the same hand assembly methods used in the Moog Music factory in Trumansburg, NY in the 60s. The modules are built just as the originals were, by hand-stuffing and hand-soldering components to circuit boards, and using traditional wiring methods. We are using only high precision and selected components combined with vintage NOS components.

All modules follow the moog format ( 5U industry standard) and come with the standard „.com“ connector for easy integration in existing systems. The modules work with supply voltages of +15/-15 Volt. All modules can be modified  to work on the moog standard of +12V and -6V, e.g. to be used in a Moog system and on the internal power supply.

All modules are handcrafted with passion in Munich, Germany.


„When you connect with an instrument, no matter of what sort, there is an interaction that’s outside of what’s actually going through your fingers. I hesitate to use the word ‘spiritual’, but I’m absolutely sure that there is a consciousness that we connect with.“Bob Moog