901 Modules

   Original design approx. 1964

   Specifications:  Moogarchives


   Price:                 1.200 EUR + 19% VAT inside EU

                             1.200 EUR Export price outside the EU

                                  (excl. VAT/customs duty)

   Delivery :           Approx. 4 weeks

   Status:               Available

   Depth:                180 mm (incl. the connector boards)

If you want to have more than 3 Oscillators in your bank just let us know. Each 901B is 300 Euro plus VAT.


„As for 901s vs 921s, that's like comparing dogs and deer.

The closer one looks, the more differences you can see.

I don't even compare the two.

Those with 921s aren't creating the true original Moog sound.“

Kevin Lightner