Foto 6401 Render

   Original design approx. 1967



   Price:                 350 EUR + 19% VAT inside EU

                             350 EUR Export price  outside the EU

                                  (excl. VAT/customs duty)


   Delivery :           Approx. 4 weeks

   Status:               Available

   Depth:               160 mm


Among all signal processors the multiplier-type ring modulator takes a unique position, since it is capable of converting existing sounds into new sounds with entirely different overtone spectra.
The SW 6401M is based on the original design of Harald Bode from 1967. The design is a circuit involving a ring of diodes and transformers forming a four quadrant multiplier. To accomplish a one unit module, the transformers UTC-A20 have been replaced by smaller vintage UTC SO 15P transformers.